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So so sweet Andi! You did Awesome! And Becca looks amazing! Looks like this was lots of fun and what a sweet falling-in-love-all-over-again couple you had.


Some of your best yet!


These are so great! You came up with so many clever poses... and I love Becca's sweater!

Christa Dordal

wow andi. these are wonderful! i love them.


Wow, I teared up a bit! First because their love absolutely radiates, Secondly because of how special and loved little Luna is, and third, because you amaze me, Andi. The way you can capture the love in moments like this astounds me.


Thank you so so much! I'm so glad we snuck these in just the nick of time. It means a lot to have sweet little photos of us- we haven't had ones since our wedding!
Love you!


Wow. Andi. All I can say is wow! It's so fun to see some of our very best friends captured SO beautifully. Every single shot is so precious. I am head over heels in love!!


these are amazing, Andi!


Phil just walked by the computer and said, "Oh wow...she's really good" and I had to go through and show him every picture on your website. :)


Amazed by you. Every single shot is just so sweet + lovely.
And amazed at how sweet those two (and now three) are together!!!!! xo

Courtney Henson

Oh, I agree with everything that's already been said! These are just stunning! I think some of my favorites are the ones on the blanket with the leaves scattered around - so, so pretty! And you captured their love so sweetly! And the chalkboard sign...what a fun way to use that little rhyme! Can't wait to have you do my family!


Very sweet!



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